updated 17/06/2022
27/05/22 covers for radio show (with Bruno Jacoby)
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05/05/22 two sided A3 poster for BookBoi*
10/04/22 poem writing agency (with Bruno Jacoby)
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31/03/22 poster for conference @ Kunsthalle Mannheim (with Bruno Jacoby)
08/02/22 fully compostable billboard (with Bruno Jacoby)
set up in the woods in Arnhem (NL)
25/02/22 radio show and live poem writing
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21/01/22 lunar runic calender (A2), edition of 10
20/12/21 A2 poster made @ ArtEZ (NL)
04/12/21 billboard built for end of year exhibition @ HfG Karlsruhe (DE)
11/10/21 poster for intermediate exam show (with Tim Bartel)
10/10/21 visualiser for album release mix (with Vanessa Bosch)
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10/09/21 catalogue for exhibition @ Kunsthalle Mannheim (with Bruno Jacoby)
published by Kerber
14/06/21 lecture performance "HA HA LOOK"
24/06/21 website as reader for workshop organised @ HfG Karlsruhe (with Sven Krahl)
21/04/21 poster series for HfG Karlsruhe (with Bruno Jacoby)
07/04/21 solo exhibition @ Laube Karlsruhe (DE)
18/11/20 cover for soundtrack release of "Der Apparat"
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18/11/20 click here to download custom font
03/09/20 video installation (intermediate exam) @ HfG Karlsruhe (DE)
watch video file here
17/09/20 flyer/pricelist for BookBoi*
14/08/20 reading from campaign for BookBoi*
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13/12/2019 identity for exhibition @ ZKM Karlsruhe (with Moritz Simon)
05/02/2019 series of 5 mousepads